Artificial Grass Solutions

So you’ve finally realised that you’ll never get that perfect natural lawn.

You spend hours weeding, mowing and fertilising.

But summers can leave your lawn dry and in winter, with the rain, the grass grows back but so do the weeds.

Consequently you’re back mowing and weeding.

Choose MR GRASS for your artificial grass and just relax and enjoy…

Never water, fertilize, or mow your garden again. Eliminate weekend gardening work while saving thousands of gallons of water per season!

Of course it is important that your lawn looks great. After all, it enhances your home. You want to have a great garden to show off to your friends and neighbours.

Artificial Grass is designed to replicate the look and feel of regular grass. It can be used in your front or back gardens. In fact, it can go anywhere real grass grows and even places it won’t.

Not only that, but artificial grass won’t need mowing, watering or fertilising. Just use a plastic rake or hard bristle brush to remove any leaves or debris. Your lawn will look fantastic.

You won’t be spending your precious free time looking after it. Just think of all the time you’ll save.

With artificial grass you can have the perfect lawn and be proud of your garden.

Before & after Mr Grass

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