Artificial Grass Solutions
Artificial Grass requires very little maintenance, but every now and then you may wish to use a stiff brush to clear the lawn of any debris, leaves and pet mess.
Yes it is and your children will love and enjoy it! Artificial grass looks and feels like real grass, but without the mud. Artificial grass is soft, and won’t skin your knees and is usable all year round.
Yes. Artificial grass can cope with the rigours of normal domestic pet ownership. Pets will love and enjoy the softness of artificial grass. Dog and other animal mess can easily be cleaned away with water and mild detergent.
No. Artificial grass keeps its colour for many years. It is UV stabilised which will ensure that fading does not occur.
Yes. Artificial grass is so versatile that it can be laid on almost any surface and be of multiple use. It can be laid on soil, turf, tarmac, concrete, decked areas, paving and sloping areas. Can even be laid on balconies, roof terraces and used on exhibitions, shops and many more.
Artificial grass has a holed backing which will ensure water drains straight through.
We use a very strong membrane to help prevent weeds growing amongst the Artificial Grass, however, you may occasionally find a weed that has grown on the top. These can easily be removed by pulling them out. Also, you may rarely experience a weed growing along the border edges of the grass, but these can be removed in the same easy way.